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Clipboard Image 📋🖼️


InstallationUsage & DemoConfig


❗ Requirement: xclip (X11), wl-clipboard (Wayland), pngpaste (MacOS)

ℹ️ Run :checkhealth clipboard-image to check a missing dependency

Plugin manager Script
vim-plug Plug 'ekickx/clipboard-image.nvim'
packer.nvim use 'ekickx/clipboard-image.nvim'


This is the basic usage. If you want to see more you can read API

Command Demo


This plugin is zero config, means you don't need to configure anything to works. But if you want to, you can configure it like this:

require'clipboard-image'.setup {
  -- Default configuration for all filetype
  default = {
    img_dir = "images",
    img_name = function() return'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S') end, -- Example result: "2021-04-13-10-04-18"
    affix = "<\n  %s\n>" -- Multi lines affix
  -- You can create configuration for ceartain filetype by creating another field (markdown, in this case)
  -- If you're uncertain what to name your field to, you can run `lua print(`
  -- Missing options from `markdown` field will be replaced by options from `default` field
  markdown = {
    img_dir = {"src", "assets", "img"}, -- Use table for nested dir (New feature form PR #20)
    img_dir_txt = "/assets/img",
    img_handler = function(img) -- New feature from PR #22
      local script = string.format('./ "%s"', img.path)

See also API

  default = {
  <filetype> = {
Options Default Description
img_dir "img" Directory where the image from clipboard will be copied to
img_dir_txt "img" Directory that will be inserted to buffer.
Example: Your actual dir is src/assets/img but your dir on text or buffer is /assets/img
img_name function() return'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S') end Image's name
img_handler function(img) end Function that will handle image after pasted.
img is a table that contain pasted image's name and path
affix default: "%s"
markdown: "![](%s)"
asciidoc: "image::%s[]"
String that sandwiched the image's path


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Read the contribution guide here


Thanks to:

  • ferrine/md-img-paste.vim, I look some of its code
  • elianiva for giving me feedback on Vim Indonesia (Telegram group)
  • all neovim lua plugin creators and its contributors, I get some inspiration from reading their code