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ekkes BTLE example APP

Sample APP - Qt 5.12.x - tested on Android + iOS Also tested with Qt 5.13 Beta2 on Windows10-64

AUTHOR ( ekke )

This app is part of ekke's blog series about mobile x-platform development:

This is not a real-life app - this app only demonstrates the use of Bluetooth LE in a Qt Quick Controls 2 APP

This app needs Qt 5.12.1 Release or greater

alt tag

You can also download this APP from Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

License Information

see LICENSE ( The Unlicense )

most Images downloaded from - then renamed to match Qt High DPI images- and project-specific- naming

see /images/LICENSE ( cc-by )

ekkes BTLE example

This sample APP uses Material Design with UI Controls provided by Qt 5.12.x and was designed and tested on Android Smartphones (Motorola Z2 - Android 8.0, BlackBerry Motion, BlackBerry Key 2 - Android 8.1, Nokia 7.1, Xiaomi m2 Lite - Android 9), Android Tablet (Google PixelC - Android 7.1), Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet, iOS (iPhone 6s, 8s, iPad Mini 2 - iOS 12.1).

ekkes BTLE example APP discovers BT LE devices nearby and you can explore Services and Characteristics. You can test Read, Notify and Write.

For five BT LE Devices a special implementation is done, so you can simulate real use-cases.

HeartRate Monitor

more info: search for Scosche Rhytm+ HeartRate Monitor

Addimat Lock for easy and secure Login / Logout using magnetic keys

alt tag more info:

NFCReader reads the NFC ID to manage registration of attendees (conferences, events, trainings) on devices without NFC or without getting the NFC Id from OS.

alt tag more info:

Barcode Reader: GeneralScan RingScanner

alt tag

CardReader for eGK: Feitian br301 BLE

alt tag

my blog

A detailed description you'll find at my blog

Download from Google Play

Don't have a Google Account ? Grab the APK here:

Download from Amazon App Store

.com: .de:

Download from Apple Appstore


ekkes BT LE example APP







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