Sample APP - Qt 5.7+ - Android iOS
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Sample APP - Qt 5.7+ - Android iOS

AUTHOR ( ekke )

This app is part of ekke's blog series about mobile x-platform development:

This is not a real-life app - this app only demonstrates the use of Material style and new Qt Quick Controls 2

This app is a follow-up to - please read this blog and explore the first app ( before following here

The topics of this second sample app:

  • more Qt Quick Controls 2 stuff: Buttons (Raised Buttons and Flat Buttons)
  • Navigation with StackView: pop(), push(), find()
  • go up and down page-by-page or jump back/force
  • Navigation with Android bottom Back-key
  • navigation with Android Back Button in Titlebar (ToolBar)
  • Navigation with Buttons and Floating Action Button
  • Navigation with Shortcut (physical keyboard attached)
  • Management of StackView to implement business-logic - simplified with init() and cleanup() functions
  • Dark Theme and selecting primary and accent color from options menu in ToolBar

Strings are marked as translatable, but not translated yet. See the first app to learn about i18n.

This second sample app is a simple app only to demonstrate navigation through stacked pages

read more about this app here:

This app needs Qt 5.7 RC or greater

License Information

see LICENSE ( The Unlicense )

Images downloaded from - then renamed to match Qt High DPI images- and project-specific- naming

see /images/LICENSE ( cc-by )


This sample app uses Material Design with UI Controls provided by Qt 5.7+ and was designed and tested on Android (BlackBerry PRIV Android 6.0.1) and iOS (iPhone 6s iOS 9.3).

A detailed description you'll find at my blog:

Screenshot Android Page 1

alt tag

Screenshot Android Page 2

alt tag

Screenshot ios Page 2

alt tag

Screenshot Android Page 3

alt tag

more screenshots here: