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Sample APP - Qt 5.7+ - Android iOS

AUTHOR ( ekke )

This app is part of ekke's blog series about mobile x-platform development:

This is not a real-life app - this app only demonstrates the use of Material style and new Qt Quick Controls 2

This app is a follow-up to

The topics of this third sample app:

  • Navigation with SwipeView: next / previous page
  • go forward and back page-by-page or jump back/force
  • Navigation with Android bottom Back-key
  • navigation with Android Back Button in Titlebar (ToolBar)
  • Navigation with Buttons
  • enable / disable Buttons, use SIGNALS / SLOTS (QML)
  • Navigation with Shortcut (physical keyboard attached, per ex. BlackBerry PRIV)
  • Management of SwipeView to implement business-logic - simplified with init() and cleanup() functions, also each page must be valid before going to the next page - simplified by tapping on Floating Action Button
  • Dark Theme and selecting primary and accent color from options menu in ToolBar
  • Popup to show info to user if first/last page reached
  • Be dynamic, lazy and performant: using Loaders for Wizard - pages, only current +/- 1 page are preloaded
  • Use of a QML Timer to auto-close Popup

Strings are marked as translatable, but not translated yet. See the first app to learn about i18n.

This third sample app is a simple app only to demonstrate navigation through pages via swipe gestures

read more about this app here:

This app needs Qt 5.7 RC or greater

License Information

see LICENSE ( The Unlicense )

Images downloaded from - then renamed to match Qt High DPI images- and project-specific- naming

see /images/LICENSE ( cc-by )


This sample app uses Material Design with UI Controls provided by Qt 5.7+ and was designed and tested on Android (BlackBerry PRIV Android 6.0.1) and iOS (iPhone 6s iOS 9.3).

A detailed description you'll find at my blog:

Screenshot Android

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Screenshot iOS

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more screenshots here:


Sample APP - Qt 5.7+ - Android iOS







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