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Automatic converter of Netatmo weather station data to Met Office Weather Observation Website WOW format.

The results can be displayed in:

The following parameters are processed:

- temperature
- humidity
- pressure at station
- accumulated rainfall in the last hour
- wind

Netatmo registeres new measurements each 5 minutes. Netatmo2wow will try to merge measurements of different modules into one WOW measurement if the timestamp of the different modules is less than 2 minutes apart. The most recent measurement will prevail. Only measurements with at least a temperature are uploaded. Netatmo2wow will store that last uploaded timestamp to avoid uploading duplicate measurements. Only more recent measurements than the last upload will be uploaded.


For the latest release see:

#Netatmo registration

To access the netatmo data, the public Netatmo Api is used. See:

Register for a api key of netatmo by creating an application: After registration the following is provided:

  • Client id
  • Client secret

#WOW registration

Register a site at WOW of the metoffice. After registration the following is provided:

  • Site ID
  • AWS Pin (create yourself).

Now with this information the netatmo2wow tool can be run as follows:

#Running netatmo2wow

java -jar netatmo2wow-1.1.jar
    -clientid <netatmo_client_id>
    -secret <netatmo_secret>
    -email <netatmo_email_account>
    -password <netatmo_password>
    -timeperiod 600
    -siteid <wow_siteid>
    -awspin <wow_aws_pin>

In this example the timeperiod has been set to 600 seconds (ten minutes). So running netatmo2wow will update all data from the last ten minutes in netatmo to WOW. In case a raingauge is included as well, a higher period is required because the accumulative hourly rainfall needs to be calculated. Settting the timeperiod to 7200 seconds (2 hours) is recommended.

#How to install?

Any system that can run a Java SE version 8 or higher can use this tool. Typically a batch file or shell script should be created that can be run from a scheduled job using a task scheduler or cron job. Scheduling the job every 5 minutes should do the job. Tool was tested on:

  • Synology NAS with DSM 4.3
  • Raspberry PI with OpenElec

#Synololgy NAS server configuration example

A tested setup with a Synology NAS server is as follows:

  • Synology DSM 4.3
  • Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 33 for ARM
  • Cron job on synology that runs every 5 minutes (edit as root):
    */5   *   *   *   *   root   /bin/su -c "/volume1/public/netatmo/" admin
  • Restart cron scheduler on synology server as root.
synoservice -restart crond
  • Executable script that runs netatmo2wow:
    /volume1/public/java/jdk1.8.0_33/bin/java -jar netatmo2wow-2.2.jar -clientid ......


Automatic converter of Netatmo weather station data to Met Office Weather Observation Website WOW format






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