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Alaa Ekky MAI Computer and Electronic Engineering 13317728

Distributed File System implemented using Python and Sockets. Servers are divided as follows:

File Server Provides access to files on the machine using a NFS style access model. It provides read and write access to the clients present in a directory (Obtained from the directory server).

Directory Server Responsible for mapping file names into identifiers used by the file system. Stores all files in a file server, which this server maintains the mapping of full file names to server fileneame mappings.

Lock Server A client asks the lock server for access to a file. Lock server checks the status of the file from an SQL database. If file is unlocked, then the client has read and write access. If file is locked, then the client has read access only. Files get locked when client has write access. Multiple clients cannot change access the file for writing at the same time.

Authentication Server Basic Server that checks a database to see if a correct Username and Password were provided.

Caching When the client calls on the Directory Server, the cache is checked to see if:

  1. The file exists in the cache.
  2. Whether the file is the most up-to-date version.