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Simplified Saaze

Simplified Saaze is a fast, all-inclusive, flat-file CMS for simple websites and blogs. It comes with no graphical user-interface, but rather is used entirely via command-line.

Static site builders are fast but normally have a steep learning curve and require lots of tooling to make them work. We believe building a personal site should be stupidly simple. That's why Simplified Saaze is built on the following principles.

  • Easy to run - All you need is PHP8, a C compiler, and Composer; no dependency hell
  • Easy to host - Serve dynamically or statically
  • Easy to edit - Edit content using simple Markdown files
  • Easy to theme - Templates use plain PHP/HTML
  • Fast and secure - No database = less moving parts + more speed, 30-times faster than Hugo, and 4-times faster than Zola
  • Simple to understand - Everything is a collection of entries

Simplified Saaze is, as the name implies, a simplifed version of Saaze. For more info and documentation for the original Saaze see Read Simplified Saaze for installation and usage.

Easy to understand

Entire code is ca. 1.5kLines of PHP and C code.

wc *.php *.c
  277  1123 12274 BuildCommand.php
   41   127  1266 CollectionArray.php
  132   530  4702 Collection.php
   50   236  2175 Config.php
   93   406  3734 Entry.php
  679  2837 25942 MarkdownContentParser.php
  103   380  3569 SaazeCli.php
  124   542  7026 Saaze.php
   93   341  3446 TemplateManager.php
   83   263  2030 php_md4c_toHtml.c
 1675  6785 66164 total


Nr Theme demo GitHub blog post about theme
1 Saaze example saaze-example n/a
2 Elmar Klausmeier n/a
3 J-Pilot saaze-jpilot Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: J-Pilot
4 Koehntopp saaze-nukeklaus Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Koehntopp
5 NukeKlaus saaze-koehntopp Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: nukeKlaus
6 Mobility saaze-mobility Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Mobility
7 Vonhoff saaze-vonhoff Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Vonhoff
8 Paternoster saaze-paternoster Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Paternoster
9 Panorama saaze-panorama Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Panorama
10 Lemire saaze-lemire Example Theme for Simplified Saaze: Lemire


Simplified Saaze was created by Elmar Klausmeier.

Saaze was created by Gilbert Pellegrom. Released under the MIT license.


Simplified Saaze is a static site generator. It aims to be fast, easy to understand and easy to use.








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