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Vue.js frontend to the search engine norch / search-index. An easy way to get started with norch and test your dataset without much coding. (Will be without any coding at a later point in time)

Join the chat at NPM version NPM downloads MIT License

Try it right away on


npm install -g norch
npm install search-index-indexer norch-vuejs-app


Getting the data

node node_modules/search-index-indexer/index.js -c -d
mkdir norch-index
mv data/ norch-index/

For test-data we use the dataset dataset-vinmonopolet.

Starting norch

norch -p 3030 -l silly -i norch-index

Configuring norch-vue

norch.js starts with defining a data model. Part of it is the config-stuff. Point it to the url of your norch instance, and setup cateories (fields you want to filter on).

// Application configuration
  config = {
      'url': 'http://[norch-url]:[port-number]/',
      'endpoint': {
        'search': 'search?q=',
        'categorize': 'categorize?q=',
        'buckets': 'buckets?q=',
        'docCount': 'docCount',
        'totalHits': 'totalHits?q='
      'categories': [{
        'field': '[filed-to-categorize-on]'

More about the norch endpoint API. Only a subset is supported by this app.

Deliver the html-page

I'm using Apache to deliver the page, but that's just me. User your preferred webserver to deliver index.html and norch.js and you're ready to play.


Vue devtools

Google Chrome is the preferred browser when developing because it has a working devtool for Vue: Vue.js devtools. It will among other things, show you what's happening to your data object(s) in your app.

Test quey objects on norch

When developing, it's good to check what norch supports and not, and what the response is. Test in you browser like this:



  • First step is to make it talk to norch JSON API. Together with the search-index-indexer this will make people able to test their dataset without any coding.
  • Second step is to make it run in the browser and be able to switch from using an external norch JSON API to an internal search-index API after replicating the search index into local storage.
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