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// FKBlueValentine.m
// FilterKit
// Created by Justin Zhang on 7/21/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 iOS Dev Camp 2012. All rights reserved.
#import "FKBlueValentine.h"
#import "FKGPUFilterGroup.h"
#import "GPUImageMonochromeFilter.h"
#import "GPUImagePicture.h"
#import "GPUImageView.h"
#import "GPUImagePicture.h"
#import "GPUImageSaturationFilter.h"
#import "GPUImageVignetteFilter.h"
#import "GPUImageExposureFilter.h"
@implementation FKBlueValentine
- (id)init
self = [super init];
if (!self)
return nil;
FKGPUFilterGroup *filter = [[FKGPUFilterGroup alloc] init];
[self addFilterToChain:filter];
/// filters
GPUImageSaturationFilter *saturFilter = [[GPUImageSaturationFilter alloc] init];
[saturFilter setSaturation:0.5];
GPUImageMonochromeFilter *monoFilter = [[GPUImageMonochromeFilter alloc] init];
[monoFilter setColor:(GPUVector4){0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f}];
[monoFilter setIntensity:0.2];
GPUImageVignetteFilter *vigFilter = [[GPUImageVignetteFilter alloc] init];
[vigFilter setVignetteEnd:0.7];
GPUImageExposureFilter *expoFilter = [[GPUImageExposureFilter alloc] init];
[expoFilter setExposure:0.3];
[filter addGPUFilter:expoFilter];
[filter addGPUFilter:monoFilter];
[filter addGPUFilter:saturFilter];
[filter addGPUFilter:vigFilter];
return self;
- (void)dealloc
- (NSString *)title
return @"Blue Valentine";
- (NSString *)localizedTitle
return NSLocalizedString(@"Blue Valentine", @"Localized title for default filter chain.");
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