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A Haskell program to play Internet radio using the new GStreamer bindings
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This is a small program that lets you listen to Internet radio using the GHC
GStreamer bindings.

This is just for fun/learning.

Current Status
The GStreamer bindings are almost totally undocumented, but there was a demo
program in the Gtk2Hs darcs tree, and with that I've gotten a really crude
player up and running (yes, it plays audio!). Currently the radio program will
write to a named pipe "/tmp/radio.fifo" in a forkIO, and the GStreamer code
will read from this pipe.

This is kind of ugly. Try as I might, I wasn't able to figure out how to get
the radio player to work without a temporary file. GStreamer has a mode where
it can read from a file descriptor, but what would always happen is it would
play for a few seconds and then stop. My suspicion is that these first few
seconds were the buffered content, and GStreamer didn't know how to make the
socket fetch more data.

I hope to get something working without temporary files...
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