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Scribl is my idea for a system for profiling web servies. My initial hope is to be able to use it with memcached; if that's successful it can be used in more web-stack services.

You are strongly recommended to look in the examples directory, which gives a concrete example demonstrating how one would use scribl in a real program, and why it's useful.

Currently scribl is in a pre-alpha state, and is only useful for building trivial demonstration programs.

Goals for 0.01

  • Minimal dependencies -- just glib
  • Full thread-safety
  • Only floating point (double precision) counters are supported
  • Time-based threaded serialization
  • Performance is not a goal

Compiling & Dependencies

Scribl depends only on glib, a low-level cross-platform C library. Since scribl relies heavily on glib to implement platform specific routines, it should be pretty portable. In particular, it should compile and run on OS X and Windows (although the developer only has access to Linux for now).

To build scribl you'll also want to have pkg-config installed, although strictly speaking this is not necessary. On Fedora, you'll want the following packages:

  • gcc
  • glib2-devel
  • make
  • pkgconfig

On Ubuntu (as of 9.04), the only package you should need to install is libglib2.0-dev. Everything else should be installed as part of the regular desktop installation.

To compile and build scribl, just invoke make.

Known Bugs & TODO Items

These are currently being tracked in GitHub, see

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