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Yelp API Examples

The Yelp APIs are REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs and
users of these APIs will be able to:

	* retrieve business review and rating information for a particular
	  geographic region or location. 
	* display review information for a particular business.  
	* determine accurate neighborhood name information for a
	  particular location.
	* track recent reviews for a particular business.
	* display pictures of highly rated local businesses and of the top
	  reviewers for that business.
	* determine a particular business' review and rating information
	  based on the phone number for that business.

The default output is JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), this output
format was chosen due to the availability of JSON parsers in many
languages. For more details on JSON and to obtain parsers please
reference www.json.org

This directory contains examples and libraries for working with the
Yelp API.