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Merge pull request #23 from tomjaguarpaw/patch-1

Update link to "I am not a number: I am a free variable"
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2 parents 2d45b26 + 4df0096 commit 193e8aac62b8771c3e07d548b8bd085bdb7a22bd @ggreif ggreif committed May 17, 2016
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2 src/Bound.hs
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
-- recursion pattern in their generalized de Bruijn representation. It is named
-- 'Scope' to match up with the terminology and usage pattern from Conor McBride
-- and James McKinna's \"I am not a number: I am a free variable\", available
--- from <>, but since
+-- from <>, but since
-- the set of variables is visible in the type, we can provide stronger type
-- safety guarantees.

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