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#include "chsmpfr.h"
mpfr_ptr initS (const mp_prec_t prec) {
mpfr_ptr rVal = malloc (sizeof(__mpfr_struct));
mp_limb_t *limb = (mp_limb_t*)malloc (mpfr_custom_get_size(prec));
mpfr_custom_init(limb, prec);
mpfr_custom_init_set(rVal, MPFR_NAN_KIND, 0, prec, limb);
return rVal;
void clear (const mpfr_ptr p) {
free (p->_mpfr_d);
free (p);
int mpfr_nan_p_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p) {
return mpfr_nan_p(p);
int mpfr_inf_p_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p) {
return mpfr_inf_p(p);
int mpfr_zero_p_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p) {
return mpfr_zero_p(p);
int mpfr_set_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p1, const mpfr_ptr p2, mp_rnd_t r) {
return mpfr_set(p1, p2, r);
int mpfr_abs_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p1, const mpfr_ptr p2, mp_rnd_t r) {
return mpfr_abs(p1, p2, r);
int mpfr_cmp_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1 , const mpfr_ptr p2) {
return mpfr_cmp(p1, p2);
int mpfr_cmp_si_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1, signed long int p2) {
return mpfr_cmp_si(p1, p2);
int mpfr_cmp_ui_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1, unsigned long int p2) {
return mpfr_cmp_ui (p1, p2);
int mpfr_sgn_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1) {
return mpfr_sgn (p1);
int mpfr_set_si_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, long int si, mp_rnd_t r) {
return mpfr_set_si(p, si, r);
int mpfr_set_ui_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, unsigned long int si, mp_rnd_t r) {
return mpfr_set_ui(p, si, r);
int mpfr_ceil_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, const mpfr_ptr p2) {
return mpfr_ceil(p, p2);
int mpfr_floor_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, const mpfr_ptr p2) {
return mpfr_floor(p, p2);
int mpfr_round_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, const mpfr_ptr p2) {
return mpfr_round(p, p2);
int mpfr_trunc_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p, const mpfr_ptr p2) {
return mpfr_trunc(p, p2);
mp_prec_t mpfr_get_prec_wrap (const mpfr_ptr e) {
return mpfr_get_prec(e);
mp_exp_t mpfr_get_exp_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1) {
return mpfr_get_exp (p1);
int mpfr_signbit_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1) {
return mpfr_signbit (p1);
int mpfr_setsign_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1, const mpfr_ptr p2, int p3, mp_rnd_t p4) {
return mpfr_setsign (p1, p2, p3, p4);
int mpfr_copysign_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p1, const mpfr_ptr p2, const mpfr_ptr p3, mp_rnd_t p4) {
return mpfr_copysign (p1, p2, p3, p4);
size_t mpfr_custom_get_size_wrap (mp_prec_t p1) {
return mpfr_custom_get_size (p1);
void mpfr_custom_init_wrap (void *p1 , mp_prec_t p2) {
mpfr_custom_init (p1, p2);
void mpfr_custom_init_set_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, int p2, mp_exp_t p3, mp_prec_t p4, void *p5) {
mpfr_custom_init_set (p1, p2, p3, p4, p5);
int mpfr_custom_get_kind_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1) {
return mpfr_custom_get_kind (p1);
void * mpfr_custom_get_mantissa_wrap (const mpfr_ptr p) {
return mpfr_custom_get_mantissa(p);
mp_exp_t mpfr_custom_get_exp_wrap(const mpfr_ptr p) {
return mpfr_custom_get_exp(p);
void mpfr_custom_move_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, void *p2 ) {
mpfr_custom_move(p1, p2);
int mpfr_const_pi_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, int p2) {
return mpfr_const_pi(p1,p2);
int mpfr_const_log2_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, int p2) {
return mpfr_const_log2(p1,p2);
int mpfr_const_euler_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, int p2) {
return mpfr_const_euler(p1,p2);
int mpfr_const_catalan_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, int p2) {
return mpfr_const_catalan(p1,p2);
intmax_t mpfr_get_sj_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, mp_rnd_t p2) {
return mpfr_get_sj(p1, p2);
uintmax_t mpfr_get_uj_wrap (mpfr_ptr p1, mp_rnd_t p2) {
return mpfr_get_uj (p1, p2);
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