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  • Restored compatibility with GHC 7.2. This required a major version bump due to making some MPTC-based default signatures conditional.


  • Generalized the signature of Getting, Acting and IndexedGetting to help out with the common user code scenario of needing to read and then write to change types.
  • Documentation cleanup and additional examples.
  • Renamed au to ala, introducing further incompatibility with the newtype package, but reducing confusion.
  • Removed need for Data.Map.Lens and Data.IntMap.Lens by adding TraverseMin and TraverseMax to Control.Lens.IndexedTraversal.
  • Flipped fixity of ~: and <~:
  • Added ++~, ++=, <++~ and <++= to Data.List.Lens in response to popular demand.
  • Added |>, <$!> and <$! to Control.Lens.Combinators, which exports combinators that are often useful in lens-based code, but that don't strictly involve lenses.
  • Added an HUnit-based test suite by @orenbenkiki


  • Fixed bugs in Traversal code-generation.


  • Added build option -f-inlining to facilitate building with the various TH 2.8 versions used by GHC 7.6 and HEAD.
  • Added build option -f-template-haskell for testing without template haskell. (Users should be able to assume TH is enabled; use this only for testing!)
  • Added support for generating a Traversal rather than a Lens when multiple fields map to the same name or some constructors are missing a field.
  • Removed _ from the lens names in System.FilePath.Lens.
  • Added iwhere, withIndices, withIndicesOf, indices and indicesOf to ease work with indexed traversals
  • Added assign as an alias for (.=) in Control.Lens.Setter.
  • Added ~:, =:, <~: and <=: to Data.List.Lens


  • Added Control.Lens.Plated, a port of Neil Mitchell's uniplate that can be used on any Traversal.
  • Added Data.Data.Lens with smart traversals that know how to avoid traversing parts of a structure that can't contain a given type.
  • Added Data.Typeable.Lens with _cast and _gcast like traverseData
  • Renamed IndexedStore to Context now that it is used in user-visible locations, and since I also use it as uniplate's notion of a context.
  • Renamed Kleene to Bazaar -- "a bazaar contains a bunch of stores."
  • Added Comonad instances for Context and Bazaar, so we can use stores directly as the notion of an editable context in uniplate
  • Compatibility with both sets of template haskell quirks for GHC 7.6.1-rc1 and the GHC 7.6.1 development head.
  • Renamed children to branches in Data.Tree.Lens.
  • Added At and Contains to Control.Lens.IndexedLens.
  • Added FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, and TraversableWithIndex under Control.Lens.WithIndex
  • Added support for unordered-containers.

  • GHC 7.6.1 development HEAD compatibility (but broke 7.6.1-rc1)

  • Haddock cleanup


  • Added the indexed Kleene store to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Moved Gettable, Accessor, Settable and Mutator to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Added cloneTraversal to Control.Lens.Traversal
  • Renamed clone to cloneLens in Control.Lens.Type
  • Generalized the type of zoom to subsume focus.
  • Removed Focus(..) from Control.Lens.Type.
  • Factored out Control.Lens.Isomorphic.
  • Moved many private types to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Added conFields to Language.Haskell.TH.Lens.
  • Added System.FilePath.Lens.


  • Added missing {-# INLINE #-} pragmas
  • Renamed meanwhile to throughout in Control.Parallel.Strategies.Lens
  • Added Magnify to Control.Lens.Getter.
  • Added Zoom to Control.Lens.Type.


  • Added <&=, <&~, <|=, and <|~
  • Moved <>~, <<>~, <>=, and <<>= to Data.Monoid.Lens
  • Template Haskell now uses eager binding to avoid adding dependencies.


  • Renamed adjust to over
  • Added au, auf and under
  • Added Data.Monoid.Lens
  • Increased lower dependency bound on mtl for cleaner installation.