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Miscellaneous scripts related to the project

Gource visualization

% mkdir /tmp/images
% vi scripts/github-name-map
% scripts/github-fetch-images \ \
    scripts/github-name-map /tmp/images
% scripts/run-gource /tmp/images audio.ogg /tmp/lens-gource-"$(date +%Y%m%d)"
  • github-fetch-images downloads avatar images for committers based on github-name-map. (TODO: list cabal dependencies; reduce them as well.)
  • run-gource runs Gource, avconv and MP4Box to generate a video. The audio input file must be at least as long as the resulting video. (TODO: can one make avconv loop the audio?)


% scripts/spellcheck
  • spellcheck grabs a list of files in the repository using Git and runs Aspell against them. (TODO: only spellcheck comments from Haskell files.)

IRC Topic Stats

% scripts/stats
  • Generates a fragment for the #haskell-lens channel topic summarising the number of unsafeCoerces, doctests, operators and modules.

% scripts/operators
  • Generate a list of operators defined under src/Control/Lens/, for pasting into the hiding clause of Control.Lens.Combinators and the export section of Control.Lens.Operators.