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  • Added Control.Lens.Type.simple.


  • Added Control.Lens.Zipper.
  • Added <<~, a version of <~ that supports chaining assignment.
  • Added :->, :=>, and :<-> as type operator aliases for Simple Lens, Simple Traversal, and Simple Iso respectively.


  • Added <<%~, <<.~, <<%= and <<.= for accessing the old values targeted by a Lens (or a summary of those targeted by a Traversal)
  • Renamed |> to %, as %~ is the lensed version of %, and moved it to Control.Lens.Getter along with a version ^% with tighter precedence that can be interleaved with ^.
  • Upgraded to doctest 0.9, which lets us factor out common $setup for our doctests
  • Renamed merged to choosing. Added a simpler chosen operation to mirror both.
  • Added Control.Lens.Projection
  • Renamed traverseException to exception and traverseDynamic to dynamic, upgrading them to use Projection.
  • makeClassy now places each generated Lens or Traversal inside the class it constructs when possible. This makes it possible for users to just export HasFoo(..), rather than have to enumerate each lens in the export list. It can only do that if it creates the class. If the createClass flag is disabled, then it will default to the old behavior.
  • Added performs to Control.Lens.Action to mirror views in Control.Lens.Getter.


  • Restored compatibility with GHC 7.2. This required a major version bump due to making some MPTC-based default signatures conditional.

  • Added the missing Control.Lens.Combinators to exported-modules! Its absence was causing it not to be included on hackage.


  • Generalized the signature of Getting, Acting and IndexedGetting to help out with the common user code scenario of needing to read and then write to change types.
  • Documentation cleanup and additional examples.
  • Renamed au to ala, introducing further incompatibility with the newtype package, but reducing confusion.
  • Removed need for Data.Map.Lens and Data.IntMap.Lens by adding TraverseMin and TraverseMax to Control.Lens.IndexedTraversal.
  • Flipped fixity of ~: and <~:
  • Added ++~, ++=, <++~ and <++= to Data.List.Lens in response to popular demand.
  • Added |>, <$!> and <$! to Control.Lens.Combinators, which exports combinators that are often useful in lens-based code, but that don't strictly involve lenses.
  • Added an HUnit-based test suite by @orenbenkiki


  • Fixed bugs in Traversal code-generation.


  • Added build option -f-inlining to facilitate building with the various TH 2.8 versions used by GHC 7.6 and HEAD.
  • Added build option -f-template-haskell for testing without template haskell. (Users should be able to assume TH is enabled; use this only for testing!)
  • Added support for generating a Traversal rather than a Lens when multiple fields map to the same name or some constructors are missing a field.
  • Removed _ from the lens names in System.FilePath.Lens.
  • Added iwhere, withIndices, withIndicesOf, indices and indicesOf to ease work with indexed traversals
  • Added assign as an alias for (.=) in Control.Lens.Setter.
  • Added ~:, =:, <~: and <=: to Data.List.Lens


  • Added Control.Lens.Plated, a port of Neil Mitchell's uniplate that can be used on any Traversal.
  • Added Data.Data.Lens with smart traversals that know how to avoid traversing parts of a structure that can't contain a given type.
  • Added Data.Typeable.Lens with _cast and _gcast like traverseData
  • Renamed IndexedStore to Context now that it is used in user-visible locations, and since I also use it as uniplate's notion of a context.
  • Renamed Kleene to Bazaar -- "a bazaar contains a bunch of stores."
  • Added Comonad instances for Context and Bazaar, so we can use stores directly as the notion of an editable context in uniplate
  • Compatibility with both sets of template haskell quirks for GHC 7.6.1-rc1 and the GHC 7.6.1 development head.
  • Renamed children to branches in Data.Tree.Lens.
  • Added At and Contains to Control.Lens.IndexedLens.
  • Added FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex, and TraversableWithIndex under Control.Lens.WithIndex
  • Added support for unordered-containers.

  • GHC 7.6.1 development HEAD compatibility (but broke 7.6.1-rc1)

  • Haddock cleanup


  • Added the indexed Kleene store to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Moved Gettable, Accessor, Settable and Mutator to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Added cloneTraversal to Control.Lens.Traversal
  • Renamed clone to cloneLens in Control.Lens.Type
  • Generalized the type of zoom to subsume focus.
  • Removed Focus(..) from Control.Lens.Type.
  • Factored out Control.Lens.Isomorphic.
  • Moved many private types to Control.Lens.Internal
  • Added conFields to Language.Haskell.TH.Lens.
  • Added System.FilePath.Lens.


  • Added missing {-# INLINE #-} pragmas
  • Renamed meanwhile to throughout in Control.Parallel.Strategies.Lens
  • Added Magnify to Control.Lens.Getter.
  • Added Zoom to Control.Lens.Type.


  • Added <&=, <&~, <|=, and <|~
  • Moved <>~, <<>~, <>=, and <<>= to Data.Monoid.Lens
  • Template Haskell now uses eager binding to avoid adding dependencies.


  • Renamed adjust to over
  • Added au, auf and under
  • Added Data.Monoid.Lens
  • Increased lower dependency bound on mtl for cleaner installation.
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