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[![Build Status](](
-This package provides families of lenses, isomorphisms, folds, traversals, getters and setters.
-These lenses are compatible with those from lens-family, lens-family-core and lens-family-th,
-but they provide a great deal of additional flexibility in their composition.
+This package provides families of [lenses]( [isomorphisms](, [folds](, [traversals](, [getters]( and [setters](
An overview of the derivation of setters, folds, traversals, getters and lenses can be found on the lens wiki under [Tutorial](
@@ -138,6 +135,8 @@ neither.nor = id
nor.neither = id
+There is also a fully operational, but simple game of [Pong]( in the [examples/]( folder.
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