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1 parent 594e8b5 commit 9ab5bff3373c57fb3a56338f9f5c32c688a8e087 @ekmett committed
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  1. +15 −16 experimental/Data/Text/Encoding/Lens.hs
31 experimental/Data/Text/Encoding/Lens.hs
@@ -15,28 +15,27 @@
module Data.Text.Encoding.Lens where
-import Control.Lens
-import qualified Data.ByteString as B
-import qualified Data.Text as T
-import qualified Data.Text.Encoding as T
+import Control.Lens
+import Data.ByteString
+import Data.Text
+import Data.Text.Encoding as T
-utf8 :: Iso' T.Text B.ByteString
-utf8 = iso T.encodeUtf8 T.decodeUtf8
+utf8 :: Iso' Text ByteString
+utf8 = iso encodeUtf8 decodeUtf8
{-#INLINE utf8#-}
-utf16LE :: Iso' T.Text B.ByteString
-utf16LE = iso T.encodeUtf16LE T.decodeUtf16LE
+utf16LE :: Iso' Text ByteString
+utf16LE = iso encodeUtf16LE decodeUtf16LE
{-#INLINE utf16LE#-}
-utf16BE :: Iso' T.Text B.ByteString
-utf16BE = iso T.encodeUtf16BE T.decodeUtf16BE
+utf16BE :: Iso' Text ByteString
+utf16BE = iso encodeUtf16BE decodeUtf16BE
{-#INLINE utf16BE#-}
-utf32LE :: Iso' T.Text B.ByteString
-utf32LE = iso T.encodeUtf32LE T.decodeUtf32LE
+utf32LE :: Iso' Text ByteString
+utf32LE = iso encodeUtf32LE decodeUtf32LE
{-#INLINE utf32LE#-}
-utf32BE :: Iso' T.Text B.ByteString
-utf32BE = iso T.encodeUtf32BE T.decodeUtf32BE
-{-#INLINE utf32BE#-}
+utf32BE :: Iso' Text ByteString
+utf32BE = iso encodeUtf32BE decodeUtf32BE
+{-#INLINE utf32BE#-}

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