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Create separate package for property tests #190

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Can be done by adding subdirectory with tests, and embedding them in the lens tests by means of hs-subdirectories or such.

For such a package to be valuable, the tests would also have to be more complete and give a certain amount of certainty that if something passes isTraversal, it really is a traversal.


The current plan is that for 3.8:

  • Make a sub-directory lens-properties with its own lens-properties.cabal.
  • Update those properties to use hspec or something nicer and have actual signatures.
  • Modify tests/properties.hs to reference lens-properties directly via hs-source-dirs.

Then the user can import Control.Lens.Properties from lens-properties if they want to get the QuickCheck or HSpec plumbing, and we don't have to incur the dependencies in the main package.

We'd then distribute lens-properties/* as part of the main lens.cabal distribution as well as a separate package that we update periodically.

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Note: @dag converted tests/properties over to test-framework in #191.


I have started some work in this at It seems to work; it still needs documentation for 'isIso' and 'isPrism', and someone needs to check this is actually the right solution :)


Also, cabal init gave me copyright in the license, but I'm unsure what to do with that. If Edward or someone else would rather have the copyright (after all, I just shuffled code around) I am fine with that.


@ocharles Would you feel up to updating this patch to work with 3.9 or 3.10?


I think a week has passed now. #377 opened, lets get this done! Please review and let me know what more needs to be done on the pull request.


Yay! Will do.



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