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  • Build warning-free on GHC 7.10+
  • Added an HLint configuration
  • Removed a redundant constraint from the type of sequenceByA_.
  • Removed a redundant Monad m constraint from instance MonadSpec (ContT r m).


  • Removed the use of tag-bits. This enables the API to be Trustworthy.


  • Simplified MonadSpec


  • Removed old benchmark/test framework.
  • Make numSparks support mandatory.
  • Moved to Control.Concurrent from Data
  • Added MonadSpec, so we can make instances for Codensity, etc. in other packages
  • Removed the ContT r STM combinators
  • Cleaned out old issues
  • Made compatible with the removal of the Eq/Show superclasses of Num in GHC 7.3+


  • Fixed name collision with the new Distribution.Simple.testHook in Setup.lhs


  • Weakened dependencies


  • Reorganized the module hierarchy into Data.Speculation


  • Added support for numSparks


  • Released


  • Removed interim boxing in the unsafeIsEvaluated and unsafeGetTagBits check


  • Added Data.List.Foldable
  • Added Data.Traversable.Foldable
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in the arguments to the speculative fold estimators


  • changed tests and benchmarks to not build by default to work around corruption in the hackage db


  • test suite now forces build
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