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scripts add travis_long to the repository Sep 20, 2015
src/Data Define logBase for Tagged in terms of base type's logBase (#41) Oct 25, 2017
.gitignore Add dist-newstyle/ to .gitignore Jul 2, 2018
HLint.hs tell hlint to get bent Apr 2, 2015
LICENSE fix bounds for Data.Proxy.TH -- it needs template-haskell-2.8+, hence… Apr 2, 2015
README.markdown README badges Apr 23, 2016
Setup.lhs reverted to the version that actually compiled, added semigroups May 9, 2011
cabal.haskell-ci Factor out haskell-ci configuration Mar 12, 2019
stack-7.8.yaml make the stack.yaml files make sense Sep 20, 2015
stack.yaml Allow newer Stackage nightly Jul 23, 2016
tagged.cabal Regenerate .travis.yml Mar 12, 2019


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