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0.5.0 (2011-XX-XX):
- Moved UnificationFailure to Control.Unification.Types
- Renamed NonUnifiable to TermMismatch
- Control.Unification: exposed fullprune, semiprune, occursIn
- Control.Unification: added unifyOccurs, subsumes
- Control.Unification: (re)added symbolic names for binary operators
0.4.0 (2011-07-07):
- Removed heterogeneous unification, and rewrote practically everything.
- Added semipruning instead of full pruning.
- Added visited-sets instead of occurs-checks.
- Added weightedness to path compression (a la union--find).
- This is the version emailed for the 2011-07-07 talk at McMaster.
0.3.6 (2011-06-18):
- Forked from the Dyna2 project.
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