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Minimalistic Node.JS Work Queue, backed by Redis. (>=2.6.* redis required with Lua support)

npm install minwq


var minwq = require("minwq")

// Create a new store
var store= new minwq([options]);

// Optional
// You can provide a queue suffix for all jobs for namespacing purposes.
var store = new minwq({
    prefix: "myapp",

// If you need to provide custom redis clients (due to authentication or because you just want to), you can override createClient function of store;
minwq.prototype.createClient = function() {
    return redis.createClient(..whatever);

Pushing - Push a new job to a queue

  • queue [required] - Name of the queue
  • data [required] - Job payload
  • delay [optional] - Delay job execution (in milliseconds)
  • unique [optional] - If provided, only a single living job can have the unqiue token, additional push requests will fail.
  • replace [optional] - Boolean. If a unique key is provided and a duplicate job is pushed, it is ignored by default. Provide replace: true to replace the older job with new one.
  • callback(err, jobid) - Gets called when the job is created

    queue: "email",
    data: {
        to: "",
        subject: "Foo",
        text: "Bar"
    delay: 100,
    unique: "unqiue token",
}, callback);

Poping - Pop a job from queue

  • ttl [optional] - Job retry delay (in milliseconds).

If a job takes more than ttl milliseconds to complete, it will be requeued. No TTL means the hob will be removed from queue immediately when the pop function gets called.

    queue: "email",
    ttl: 10000
}, function(err, job) {
    // contains the job payload

    // after finishing the job, you need to remove it explicitly from the queue: