A small R package for interacting with the O*NET API.
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ONETr is a package for R that facilitates interaction with the O*NET™ API. The functions can perform searches of the occupational data based on keywords or O*NET™-SOC codes, and parse the XML output into a list object. Then, individual functions can extract specific data as desired (see ONETr manual for more information).

This software is released under the GPL-3 license.

Using ONETr

Note: User must be registered for an account with O*NET™ Web Services and have login credentials (specifically, a username and password) for the API.

Install from CRAN: install.packages("ONETr")


Install from GitHub:

  1. If not installed already, install dependencies (RCurl, XML, and plyr) and devtools package: install.packages("RCurl","XML”,”plyr”,”devtools").
  2. Call library(devtools) to prepare for GitHub installation.
  3. Use install_github("eknud/ONETr") to install the ONETr package.

To use the package:

  1. Initiate ONETr: library(ONETr)
  2. Set API credentials provided by O*NET™ Web Services: setCreds("username","password")
  3. Use keySearch and socSearch to search for and store occupational data.
  4. Once job data is stored (using socSearch), all package functions should now be equipped to run. Read ONETr manual for detailed description of each function.