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Integrating CodeIgniter 3.1.9 with Laravel-Mix 2.1.14

Author Eko Junaidi Salam

MIT License

How to use

  1. Clone this repo and cd into it.
  2. Install npm modules.
npm install
  1. Setup symlink for cross-env binary to your path. Adjust your folder location. (Linux only)
sudo ln -s /home/users/tmp/ci3-with-laravel-mix/node_modules/cross-env/dist/bin/cross-env.js /usr/local/bin/cross-env
  1. Or, you can install cross-env binary globally in your npm environment and setup your NPM global binary location into your Environment System Path. (For Windows)
npm install -g cross-env

# Check global binary in npm
npm -g list --depth=0

# Please ensure there is cross-env in the list.
  1. If everything OK with no Error, you can run webpack now.
# For development purpose
npm run watch-poll

# For production
npm run prod
  1. For full npm command please read package.json
  2. Open your app in web browser to check it out.

Customize the file

  1. Customize this webpack.mix.js to match your need.
  2. Customize this app.scss.
  3. Customize this app.js.


Please feel free to comment, add useful info to this repo or send your issue.