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An open source clone of the classic 4X game Space Empires IV.
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FrEee.Performance Make FrEee build on Linux. Oct 22, 2018
FrEee.Tests Hulls do not need to be IReferrable either Feb 23, 2019
FrEee.WinForms Changed formatting of wiki links to distinguish Research page fom Res… Aug 31, 2019
FrEee.Wpf Upgraded all projects to latest .NET version, just in case any bugs w… Feb 17, 2016
FrEee aaa Aug 25, 2019
SaveGames Fixes "New Tab" Button. It creates a new tab now. May 17, 2014
packages Upgrade to IronPython 2.7.5 for .NET 4.6 Aug 18, 2015
.gitignore Replace .hgignore with .gitignore Aug 25, 2019
CodeMaid.config Disabled CodeMaid auto clean on save, it's annoying Aug 26, 2018
FrEee.sln Battle replay screen now plays battle music, if we have any. Sep 2, 2018
GhostDoc Rules.gdc Added GhostDoc rules to version control Aug 28, 2018 edited online with Bitbucket Jun 27, 2015
Rebracer.xml Added Rebracer.xml configuration file for syncing editor settings. Dec 1, 2016
UpgradeLog.htm New WPF gui - all it has right now is a main menu, but at least it ha… Aug 1, 2015
autobuild.bat Added pause command to autobuild.bat so we can see the messages it di… Mar 2, 2019
azure-pipelines.yml Don't fail build just because some unit tests fail. Sep 1, 2019
pull-update-dependencies.bat Added batch scripts to clone and pull/update dependencies Aug 4, 2015
release.bat Updated release.bat to use msbuild v16 (VS2019). Jul 30, 2019

FrEee is an open-source 4X game designed to be an enhanced remake of Malfador Machinations' Space Empires IV.

The name comes, of course, from the fact that the game is open-source, and from the Eee, a race of friendly floating space blobs that will not hesitate to backstab you in SE4!

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