Basic session app from Facebook Mobile Developer Day 2012
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MDD Basic Session app

This repro includes:

  1. the complete Xcode 4.5 project of the project built during the iOS basic session
  2. a screenshot of the FB dev site settings for the app

To get started:

  1. download and install the iOS SDK from:
    • in the Getting Started tutorial, follow setup #5 closely when:
    • adding equired frameworks including FacebookSDK and its dependencies (Accounts, AdSupport, Social, and libsqlite3)
    • setting the FacebookAppID in the plist
    • setting the URL Type => Item 0 => URL Schemes => Item 0 => fb{appId} in the plist
  2. add the resource bundle:
    • FacebookSDKResources.bundle
  3. create a Facebook app at:
    • add the bundle ID com.facebook.mddbasicsession.MDDBasicSessionApp
    • add an iPhone App Store ID
    • enable Facebook Login
    • enable Deep Linking (not used in this example, but useful later)
  4. build
  5. run

Please let me know if there are any problems getting up and running.