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Routekeeper : Plan and save your walking routes through your city!


I wanted to learn more about :

  1. node.js (the web server framework written in Javascript)
  2. Google Maps API
  3. jQuery
  4. JSON

node.js is really cool - it is a great way to apply functional programming ideas to writing long-running server-based software (i.e. daemons). It's:

  • fast: 'nodejs' is a native executable that leverages Google's V8 Javascript libraries (same used in Google Chrome).
  • scalable: no while(1) loop, no thread pool or set limit on number of threads
  • flexible: Easy to extend with callbacks.
  • concise: Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) very easy to accomplish due to use of the functional features of Javascript (e.g. function-passing): very easy to factor out repetitive code.

Future work

Backend/technical perspective

  1. PostgreSQL integration with node.js
  2. Geometry stuff like intersections, drawing (walking) paths between points
  3. Dom listeners : how one node's update can trigger another AJAX actions.

User perspective

  1. Saving and sharing routes
  2. Showing intersections between routes
  3. Wikipedia integration (finding points of interest in Wikipdia using Lat/Long coords)