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Personal C Assistant (Personal Computer Assistant) is a web app that works with twilio to create a Google Voice type application. What makes PCE nice, it that one can add any feature they'd like, and personalize the application to fit ones needs.

Multiple Users

PCE can be used for a single user or multiple, by setting the Rack Environment "multi_user" to true. While in multi_user mode, users are assigned extension numbers, and incoming calls will be prompted to enter the three digit extension before being redirected.

Implemented Features

  • Each user is associated with a Google Calendar magic cookie url. When a call comes in for that user, PCE will poll that url and find out if the user is busy with an event. If so, the call will end, unless the caller insists that the call is important. This can be used to stop annoying call during important meetings, or not having business calls after 5pm.

Installation Requirements

The main part of PCE is that it is just a Sinatra/Rack app. Any of the normal deploy methods will work here.

What one needs:

  • A twilio account/number
  • A Redis database
  • The app deployed to a location twilio can post to

Step-by-step Easy Installation Using Heroku

This is for those that don't want to think about the installation, and can follow a simple guide.

  1. Clone this repository to your local machine # git clone git://
  2. install the heroku gem # sudo gem install heroku
  3. Create a new heroku project # heroku create
  4. Add the redis-to-go plugin # heroku addons:add redistogo:nano
  5. Push the code to heroku # git push heroku master
  6. Create a twilio account # Sign-Up
  7. Point your new number to the newly created heroku project
  8. Goto your heroku app, add yourself as a user, and add any numbers
  9. Tell everyone to start calling your new PCE number