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CornerCal - a better clock app for macOS

Download latest version: (supports macOS Sierra 10.12 and higher)

A simple, clean calendar and clock app for macOS. Inspired by Itsycal, but purposefully constructed to be a lot simpler and adhere to macOS' native styles.

Pro tip: In macOS Sierra and later, you can reorganize your status bar by holding while dragging things around. You can also hide the native clock app from the system settings, in order to avoid clutter.


Note: this app looks great in Mojave's Dark Mode as well!


The app is written in Swift 4.

Upcoming features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts to click through calendar

Features that you won't see in CornerCal (at least not by me!):

  • Custom calendar features such as events and reminders.
  • Heavy themes that don't fit the style of macOS