Allows for seemless Salesforce integration with Webforms in Drupal 7
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Salesforce Webform Integration Module

This is a module for Drupal 7, it extends the capability of the Salesforce Suite modules.

It is dependent on the Webform module and the Salesforce API modules.

Once enabled you can enable the upserting of information into you Salesforce account upon the submission of a webform.

How it Works 
When you create or edit a webform the option to enable sending of data to Salesforce will now be available in the additional setting section.
You will also be able to select what type of Salesforce Object you'd like to upsert the data as.
When you are creating the different components or updating the components of your webform you will see a Salesforce Object Field setting,
in this setting you can select which Salesforce Object Field the data should be upserted into for the object that you selected when you created the webform.
Finally once the webform is filled out and submitted the data will be upserted into your Salesforce account.