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Added Eisenhower duplicate to bigPresidentData

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annennenne committed Feb 2, 2018
1 parent fb24576 commit 28dc4a1319c584868f7893ded75633b363ee695f
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  1. +3 −2 R/dataMaid-package.R
  2. BIN data/bigPresidentData.rda
  3. +6 −0 makeData.R
  4. +3 −2 man/bigPresidentData.Rd
@@ -35,15 +35,16 @@
#' Semi-artificial data about the US presidents (extended version)
#' A dataset with information about the first 45 US presidents as well as a 46th
#' person, who is not a US president. The dataset was constructed to show the capabilities
#' person, who is not a US president, and a duplicate of one of the 45 actual presidents.
#' The dataset was constructed to show the capabilities
#' of \code{dataMaid} and therefore, it has been constructed to include errors and miscodings.
#' Each observation in the dataset corresponds to a person. The dataset uses the
#' non-standard class \code{Name} which is simply an attribute that has been added to
#' two variables in order to show how \code{dataMaid} handles non-supported classes. Note that the dataset
#' is an extended and more error-filled version of the dataset \code{presidentData} which is
#' also included in the package.
#' @format A data frame with 46 rows and 15 variables.
#' @format A data frame with 47 rows and 15 variables.
#' \describe{
#' \item{lastName}{A \code{Name} type variable containing the last name of the president.}
#' \item{firstName}{A \code{Name} type variable containing the first name of the president.}
Binary file not shown.
@@ -174,6 +174,12 @@ bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$lastName == "Carter", "presidencyEndDate"] <-
bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$lastName == "Garfield", "stateOfBirth"] <- "Indiana"
bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$firstName == "Calvin", "firstName"] <- "Hobbes"
bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$lastName == "Arthur" & bigPresidentData$firstName == "Chester", "presidencyYears"] <- 5
bigPresidentData <- rbind(bigPresidentData, bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$lastName == "Eisenhower",])
bigPresidentData[bigPresidentData$lastName == "Eisenhower", "firstName"] <- c("Dwight", "Dwight D")
bigPresidentData <- bigPresidentData[sample(1:nrow(bigPresidentData), nrow(bigPresidentData)),]
save(presidentData, file="data/presidentData.rda")
save(bigPresidentData, file="data/bigPresidentData.rda")

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