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An integrated solution for feature-oriented programming
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feature-web is a Composer package that offers an integrated solution for feature-oriented programming on the web, including domain and requirements analysis as well as domain implementation and product derivation.

To see it in action, have a look at the uvr2web software product line - homepage and feature-web.

How it works

feature-web combines multiple packages for feature-oriented programming to provide a quick way to bring software product lines into the browser.

This is how feature-web addresses the different phases of product-line engineering:

The links above provide you with further details on the inner workings, requirements and documentation for these packages.

Note that feature-web and its packages are inspired by and tightly coupled with FeatureIDE feature models and configurations (see ekuiter/feature-schema).


On the example branch you can find the smallest working example for feature-web with install instructions.

feature-web is a very quick and simple way to set up a product line on the web, but it doesn't have a lot of configuration options. If you need more customization, you have to adapt your own version of feature-web or use its packages (see above) directly.


This project is released under the LGPL v3 license.

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