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ceph-pool-setup.sh README


ceph-pool-setup.sh script can be used to setup ceph pool of desired replica size and desired number of images on top of rbd device


./ceph-pool-setup.sh -a [create|delete] -p [ceph pool name] -i [number of rbd images to create] -r [ceph pool replica] -s [size of ceph rbd images [MB] ]

  • -a action: what to do it can be c|create - create the ceph pool, or d|delete - delete the ceph pool
  • -p pname : ceph pool name
  • -i inum : how many images to create on top of pool
  • -r replica: ceph pool replica mode - if not specified default replica=3 for ceph pool will be used
  • -s -isize: image size - the value is in MB

When invoked with

./ceph-pool-setup.sh -a d -p [poolname]

ceph pool will be deleted. Use carefully -d option and specify correct pool name to be deleted