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A generic php helper class for Twitter Bootstrap components.

Here is the demo for the currently available components


This helper is designed to be used in a generic PHP application (there is no wrapper for any CMS, but that may come if you want to do it :)). The class is easily expandable for your own custom components.


Include the class in your project and create a Tbs object. Then, call it :)

include 'Tbs.php';

$Tbs = new Tbs;


The demo/index.php file contains tests, you can open it in your browser... (it uses a boilerplate template from Initializr)

Help in the development/enhancement process

As the class is not totally finished, you are welcome to join the project !

Methods that are ready:

  • icon($icon, $options) Displays an icon
  • Buttons:
  • button($content, $url, $options) Displays a button
  • buttonGroup($buttons, $options) Creates a group of buttons
  • buttonDropdown($title, $content, $buttonOptions, $dropdownOptions, $options) Creates a dropdown button
  • toolbar($buttonGroups, $options) * Creates a toolbar*
  • dropdown($content, $options) Creates a dropdown menu
  • label($content, $options) Creates a label
  • badge($content, $options) Creates a badge
  • alert($content, $options) Creates an alert block
  • Forms:
  • formOpen($name, $options) Opens a form
  • input($name, $type, $value, $options) Creates an input element
  • inputSelect($name, $list, $options) Creates a select element
  • inputGroup()
  • Help is wanted to find a way to do input groups and form-controls elements...
  • input() is not totally completed as it lacks of some bootstrap functionnalities.
  • formClose($options) Closes a form
  • image($path, $options) Creates a responsive image
  • breadcrumb($elements, $options) Creates a breadcrumb
  • embed($content, $options) Creates a responsive embed element
  • header($content, $subtext, $options) *Creates a header (big H1 with possible subtext)
  • jumbotron($title, $content, $options) Creates a hero unit
  • listgroup($items, $options) Creates nice panels
  • media() Creates a media element: an image with some text
  • mediaList($list, $options) Creates a nested media list
  • nav($tabs, $options) Creates a navigation bar
  • navItem($content, $options) Creates a single navigation item to use in nav()
  • navbar($content, $options) Creates a navbar
  • navbarBrand($content, $options) Creates a brand item for a navbar
  • navbarLinks($links, $options) Creates a menu with given links
  • navbarLink($caption, $url, $options) Create a link to feed navbarLinks()
  • navbarForm($content, $options) Creates a form
  • navbarButton($content, $options) Creates a navbar button
  • navbarText($content, $options) Creates simple text to add in a navbar
  • navbarTextLink($content, $options) *Creates a text link (not a button nor a menu link)
  • pager()
  • paginator($links, $options) Creates pagination links
  • paginatorLink($title, $url, $options) Creates a link to use in pagination
  • panel($content, $options) Creates a panel
  • progressBar($percentage, $options) Creates a progress bar
  • progressBarStack($bars) Creates a stack of progress bars
  • thumbList($thumbnails, $options) Creates a list of given thumbnails
  • thumbnail($src, $options) Creates a thumbnail
  • well($content, $options) Creates a well element
  • Javascript elements
  • jAffix()
  • jAlert()
  • jButton()
  • jCarousel()
  • jCollapse()
  • jModal()
  • jPopover()
  • jScrollspy()
  • jTooltip()


A generic php class for Twitter Bootstrap components







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