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SoftEther VPN for OpenWrt

This project is merged to OpenWRT main tree on Dec 7, 2016 by fededim, Thanks Federico !
If you do not need own binary, install from the OpenWRT package repository is recommended.

= Your router is if ar71xx or brcm47xx, You do not need build steps.
You can get binary package from

If need compile for OpenWrt 12.09, See old README.MD.

See Alberts00's blog if you want more detailed guide.
Also you can download SE4WRT Chaos Calmer(15.05) build from his website.

If you are japanese or could read japanese, Visit my blog.
Since this entry too old, i recommend read this README.MD if possible.


  • No more need customized libopenssl for Jan 15, 2015 or later version.

  • Every SoftEther VPN packages did integrated for Feb 10, 2015 or later version.
    Binary has function of vpnserver/vpnclient/vpnbridge/vpncmd like busybox now.
    Uninstall all the SoftEther VPN packages if you will update from old version.

  • WebUI is no longer available for Mar 8, 2016 or later version.

  • Languages except english no longer available for Mar 8, 2016 or later version.

  • pdf file no longer contain when generate a sample configuration file for openvpn for Mar 8, 2016 or later version.

  • readme file no longer contain when generate a sample configuration file for openvpn for Mar 9, 2016 or later version.
    New package size is smaller from 1.8MB to 1.0MB at these changes.

  • Removed region lock for Mar 9, 2016 or later version.
    Can be used some authentication function (Radius/Certificate/NT Domain) and syslog transmission in all region.

Compile and Install

  1. Install the packages required to compile

Example for debian.

apt-get install -y subversion make gcc g++ libncurses5-dev libghc-zlib-dev libreadline-dev libssl-dev gawk bzip2 patch xz-utils sudo
  1. Get OpenWrt SDK and prepare for compile
svn co svn://
cd barrier_breaker

Add following line to feeds.conf file. If file not exists, Add line after copy feeds.conf.default to feeds.conf.

src-git softethervpn

Update feeds and Install SoftEther VPN.

./scripts/feeds update
./scripts/feeds install softethervpn
  1. SDK settings
make defconfig
make menuconfig

Change "Target System" for your OpenWrt.
Visit "Network/VPN/SoftEther VPN", Check what you need.

  1. Build the package
make prepare
make package/softethervpn/compile V=99

You can find packages from ./bin directory if compile succeed.

  1. Install to OpenWrt

SoftEther VPN need some packages.

  • zlib
  • libpthread
  • librt
  • libreadline
  • libncurses
  • libiconv-full
  • kmod-tun
  • libopenssl
  1. Execute

Press "Start" from "System -> Startup" in the LuCI.

If you want run SoftEther VPN in a shell, You need set the LANG environment variable and execute the SoftEther VPN.

/usr/bin/env LANG=en_US.UTF-8 /usr/bin/vpnserver start






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