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Version 3.5.0

This is a major update. After updating the container, you will need to run the update script:

# with docker
docker exec -it elabftw bin/console db:update
# without docker
php bin/console db:update

➡️ Check out the blog post!

Breaking changes:

If you are using Docker (and you should :p), the access and error logs are now sent to stdout and stderr of the container. So if you were using /var/log/nginx/access.log and /var/log/nginx/error.log to store the logs, you will now need to use docker logs elabftw to see them. Use docker logs elabftw 1>/dev/null to see only errors and docker logs elabftw 2>/dev/null to see only access log. This change was done to align with docker best practices and should facilitate central logging.

New features:

  • Enforce read/write permissions of experiments by Admin (#1999)
  • The Todolist is now also showing the unfinished steps in experiments (#2024)
  • The Todolist will stay open on page change
  • External authentication (contributed by @manu0401) (PR #2023). If the webserver is providing authentication, use this to login the user. Also provide an URL for logout. Add parameters in Sysconfig page to configure external auth
  • Add proper Single Log Out (#1691)
  • Steps on experiments are now sortable and editable (#904)
  • Add pinned entities. A pinned experiment or item will stay on top of the page in show mode
  • Add Ctrl+= and Ctrl+Shift+= for subscript/superscript (#1556)
  • Add JSON export from show mode
  • Generate a single PDF file with all selected items (PR #2038) (#434) Contribution by Marcel Bolten
  • Show related items in view/edit mode (PR #1993) (#1432) Contribution by Marcel Bolten
  • Allow file upload with copy/past (PR #1886) Contribution by Sherjeel Shabih
  • Display a link to the scheduler on experiments bound to a scheduler event
  • Order the links by name (#1940)
  • Add template permissions similar to exp/items permissions (PR #1885) (#1668) Contribution by Max Schröder and Farrukh Faizy
  • Allow hiding a team from the register select


  • Make one less SQL request on page load if admin
  • Use correct background color for events on creation in scheduler
  • Allow several whitelisted email domains (#1836)
  • Display Mathjax in preview mode of markdown editor (#892)
  • Add the filter/order/sort/limit menu on Search page
  • Add a Tag input in show mode to look for tags
  • Increase the size limit of hashed files on upload
  • Don't try to rotate tif files (#2071)
  • Logout user after use of an eLabID link
  • Add month view in scheduler
  • Show templates from other teams on Team page (#1457)
  • Hide the import button from Links in templates (#1745)
  • Make the Todolist push the content to the right (#1871)
  • Fix the Json editor +/- button when loading a file
  • Prevent Tinymce from showing raw html on editor load
  • Don't show the Tags line in pdf in there are none
  • Use bootstrap-select in some selects so the options can be filtered
  • Send notif to user that needs validation and send user info to admin(s)
  • Change min delte characters for revision create from 20 to 100 (helps reduce the db size growth). Might be configurable later on
  • Add json viewer on view mode (contribution by Sherjeel Shabih) (#2100)
  • Fix HTML syntax violations (contribution by Marcel Bolten) (#2099)
  • Fix disappearing 3D molecule after new upload or delete (#2094) by Marcel Bolten
  • Rework the templates (#2095)
  • Add "save as" option for JSON editor (contribution by Sherjeel Shabih) (#2108)


  • Several new strings translated. Add i18next library to translate in javascript


  • Fix wrong IDP used when several active IDPs were configured
  • Fix potential issues spotted by static analysis
  • Fix count of experiments in report (#2025)


  • Update prismjs


  • Add possibility so configure a user and group for nginx. This is useful if you're using a server picky about users (using NFSv4 for instance). A contribution by François Prud'homme.

Developer corner:

  • Add Elabftw\Maps\Team and UserPreferences. Maps are classes that map their properties to columns in a table. This is a work-in-progress.
  • Add Elabftw\Elabftw\DisplayParams to store order/query/limit/offset/sort of show mode
  • Make a single JS bundle instead of one per page and use "defer" to load it
    before: 6141134 bytes of JS
    after: 5560564 bytes of JS
  • Overall code quality improved. Previous rating on scrutinizer-ci was 8.7, it is now 9.09!