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This Docker image is for eLabFTW. It runs three services:

  • Nginx webserver
  • PHP-FPM service
  • Cron daemon to execute recurrent tasks (sending notifications)

These services are managed by s6-overlay and are all customized for running eLabFTW.


Tags, in the context of Docker images, are what comes after the image name (elabftw/elabimg), separated by a colon. If you leave it empty, it defaults to latest. But it is recommended to explicitly define the version you wish to run, e.g.: elabftw/elabimg:5.0.3.

When defining which image version to use, you can use different tags:

  • x.y.z: the actual explicit version: recommended
  • stable: the latest stable version
  • latest: the latest version, can be a stable version or an alpha or beta, whatever is present on master branch of eLabFTW
  • hypernext: this is the dev version, built on a "push" event as well as on a daily schedule.

Building this image

Set the ELABFTW_VERSION to a tagged release or a branch. The latest stable version can be found here.

DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build --build-arg ELABFTW_VERSION=X.Y.Z -t elabftw/elabimg:X.Y.Z .

For dev, add --build-arg BUILD_ALL=0 to skip the installation of dependencies and building of assets, because the folder will be bind-mounted to your host anyway.


An example configuration file for docker-compose can be fetched like this:

curl -so docker-compose.yml ""

This will download a pre-filled configuration file.

You can then edit this file where all the possible settings are explained in the comments.

For usage of eLabFTW, see documentation.

Reloading a service

/package/admin/s6/command/s6-svc -r /run/service/php
/package/admin/s6/command/s6-svc -r /run/service/nginx

Deleting cache

If there is a CVE fixed upstream, delete build cache with:

gh cache delete --all

Requires GitHub CLI: