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Attribute paths support #32

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For example:

    model = new Serenade.Model
    innerModel = new Serenade.Model

    innerModel.set('attr2', 'jonas')
    model.set('attr', @innerModel)

    Serenade.view('div[id=@attr.attr2]' "Say hello"').render(model, {})

Very cool and very commendable effort, but to be honest, I still don't like the idea. It makes templates less declarative, it discourages good encapsulation. I feel that this change has an adverse effect on the design of applications.


My main purpose was to play with coffeescript, node.js tools and explore serenade.js source code. If we start development of javascript version of our software I will come back to the problem.


For what it's worth (not much, I grant you), I agree with @elabs. It's a shortcut that you wouldn't want to encourage people to exploit.

@maciejka maciejka merged commit c044f18 into elabs:master
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