A NodeJS module, that provides network distributed events and network distributing "live" objects
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It is Node JS module that will provide network distributed events. It uses UDP broadcast for sending it's usefull data.


v 0.0.3 - Added linux signal interception. When closed with signal SIGINT, SIGHUP and SIGQUIT the module distributes all its pool objects to all the remaining nodes in equal portions.
v 0.0.4 - Added encryption to events sent on the network. This can be switched on and off. Uses DES encryption method.
v 0.0.8 - Manage to fix the package.json with a proper forma. Added also special events that once emited they wait for a reply by providing a callback and a timeout. When the timeout is reached the callback is removed from the watch list. This events are non-blocking.
v 0.0.9 - All user generated events, are calling the assigned call back with two parameters (data and the ID of the event emiter instance)


This module is build upon Node JS and provides for the user the following features

  • A network distributed event system. Similar to node JS standard event system
  • A process pool, where objects can be added and ran at a periodic interval a predefined functions.
  • An auto-balancing system, that migrate objects in the process pool, from one running instance to another, based on the load of each instance.

How to use it?

npm install cloudjs

Configuration & Examples?

For this check the example.js file


More and an updated documentation and explanations can be found at http://dan.harabagiu.net/cloudjs.

Enjoy it, and drop me a line if you like it