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FI: Master -> perf experiments #60

wants to merge 59 commits into from

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ShaiBer commented Aug 9, 2012

No description provided.

ShaiBer and others added some commits Aug 3, 2012
@ShaiBer ShaiBer Merge pull request #59 from eladb/telobike-bindwork
Converting Telobike repo to work with bind.
I couldn't run and test the app, just the list view, because I dont have the simulator, but the list view works and the app compiles
unknown update telobike list interaction events f7de358
@eladb Add package.json 6a6b573
@eladb Some fixes in phonegap 7683685
@eladb Remove src/dist 4c9b5a0
@eladb Fix station panel 5c52a2b
@eladb Add v8.log to gitignore 7857d87
@eladb Fix station panel 3306316
@eladb Fix map! f6375a6
@eladb Update xcodeproj ae8e263
@eladb Finally, map is working 7329c11
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix text alignment in telobike list item c9d74a4
unknown update list item according to new label control api f01f201
unknown update telobike list view label height c015ff6
@ShaiBer ShaiBer small perf improvement in telobike list item efc7cd1
@ShaiBer ShaiBer small change 829efe6
@ShaiBer ShaiBer performance pack 950dd60
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix aplpha of box item 5857cbc
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg add searchBar to telobike list view 1cfb2a4
@eladb List view working with new bindings 1fb5535
@eladb Progression 822d2c2
@eladb List + map a5e8661
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix bced343
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg add search bar to telobike application 93d6e95
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix telobike list view item to display distance b52ff02
@ShaiBer ShaiBer merge from searchBar 4bbd5c6
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix arrow to be visible 29a6ed8
@eladb hit testing 8b30aa5
@eladb Hit testing! ed45877
@eladb Create nativebox 6da3250
@ShaiBer ShaiBer fix position of current position list item bef5194
@holman holman Almost looking good 11baa50
@eladb Progression 3993b0e
@eladb List + map 4ec15c3
@eladb hit testing ad39d54
@eladb Hit testing! 2cafebf
@eladb Create nativebox 67756ef
@holman holman After rebase 3bc138b
@holman holman Make telobike work 701b246
@holman holman almost works a53cd5f
@eladb Works ee35d4b
@eladb Add user state 41bb2fe
@eladb Add Cordova a052ed6
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg update search path to be relative - elads change on my computer faf5d03
@eladb Allow overriding station properties from a spreadsheet 1b9e3d2
@eladb Reduce request rate 1e3c98b
@eladb Deployment hook fef86db
@eladb Initial tests f483f91
@eladb Read stations from telofunc and not the scaper 7b2b02c
@eladb Fix express dep 61bd260
@eladb Fix package.json c84792f
@eladb Fix timestamp 36d5538
@eladb Fix fucking timestamps a840523
@eladb Another attempt to delete submodules 1f4cde4
@eladb Add json-framework d808322
@eladb Some changes, not sure why 5f7857a
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg fixed inactive station bug 32e1141
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg inactive station bug attempt 2 501ae24
@ramgreenberg ramgreenberg inactive station bug final attempt ebc0f32
@eladb eladb closed this Dec 24, 2012
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