Deep metric learning using Triplet network
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Deep Metric Learning Using Triplet Network

This code replicates the results from the paper “Deep metric learning using Triplet network” (

It can train a TripletNet on any of the {Cifar10/100, STL10, SVHN, MNIST} datasets.


You can get the needed data using the following repos:



Available models are at the “Models” directory. The basic Model.lua was used in the paper, while NiN based models achieve slightly better results.


You can start training using:

th Main.lua -dataset Cifar10 -LR 0.1 -save new_exp_dir

Additional flags

Flag Default Value Description
modelsFolder ./Models/ Models Folder
network Model.lua Model file - must return valid network.
LR 0.1 learning rate
LRDecay 0 learning rate decay (in # samples
weightDecay 1e-4 L2 penalty on the weights
momentum 0.9 momentum
batchSize 128 batch size
optimization sgd optimization method
epoch -1 number of epochs to train (-1 for unbounded)
threads 8 number of threads
type cuda float or cuda
devid 1 device ID (if using CUDA)
load none load existing net weights
save time-identifier save directory
dataset Cifar10 Dataset - Cifar10, Cifar100, STL10, SVHN, MNIST
normalize 1 1 - normalize using only 1 mean and std values
whiten false whiten data
augment false Augment training data
preProcDir ./PreProcData/ Data for pre-processing (means,Pinv,P)