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@eladkarako eladkarako released this Jun 21, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

Mozilla signed, click to install.

Plus side for hosting at GitHub.

  • It makes sense.
  • Its faster for me (I still need to sign every XPI with Mozilla download and then delete it from there).
  • no need to maintain support in the review-section. I'm using GitHub's issues now. It's more efficient.
  • I can upload the obfuscated version without having to generate a 'plain-version' for the reviewer. No one needs to review my web-extensions, instant release.
    In-order to play nice with Mozilla servers (although many other developers simply lie about having minification/obfuscation) - Firefox Add-Ons will be published as 'plain text' meaning no minification and no obfuscation (well.. anymore!).
  • I like to work with the most recent version ("trunk"), I hate having to keep deleting the old versions from Mozilla
Minus side:
  • None-of my web-extensions includes analytics, and my web-extensions only works offline, so without Mozilla I don't really have statistics about how many people actually use my web-extensions, which was cool to know(!). Meh.
  • I was perfectly fine with Mozilla hosting but then some guy from Mozilla pissed me off, making everything as marked-as status-'incomplete' (what???) making it invisible for the users. Shame.
  • less public exposure/awareness.
  • No auto-update, you have to go here yourself and update every now and again.
  • No sync. If you've re-installed your Firefox the web-extensions won't be auto-installed.
  • You'll be asked to allow installing the XPI from GitHub.

I've personally signed, clicked and installed every one of those,
to make sure that they work fine. They are all signed by Mozilla, simply hosted developer-friendly environment.

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