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Warning: This is not your standard blocking-list!

-! That HOSTS-file is huge! (~50MB)
# Android-apps (AdGuard, Blokada) will only partially load it.
# Try using it as an OS HOSTS-file (Android - root!, Windows - pre-disable 'DNS Client' service!).

-! Blocks: 
-! Some social-networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, ...). 
-! Some 3'rd-party comment-services (Disqus,, ...). 
-! An extended (!) list of stuff other lists blocks as well (ads, analytics, fishing, malwares).
-! Annoying stuff or websites. Just my personal opinion.

# If you are using this list and find-out your favorite website is blocked - open an issue.

+~ Google (except for the ads-domains) and WhatsApp (although it's Facebook's) are cool . 

# Using those lists will greatly privacy and speed-up browsing on any operation-system.
# I suggest you also set-up 'AdGuard-DNS' as your DNS. Works best in your home-router!

Note: I no longer distribute HOSTS with the prefix. Use 'hosts0.txt' or 'hosts0_with_localhost.txt' links instead.

  • Direct-URL to the lists:

    Use it anyway you like (link-to, download, copy, distribute,...)

    You can either use eladkarako as the USERNAME (links/folder-structure might be change some day), or fork the repository and use your own github-username.

  • What are all of those links?

    The _raw__hosts.txt file is just a raw list of the host-domains (without any prefix), hosts.txt uses prefix for each line, hosts0.txt uses prefix for each line,

    hosts_with_localhost.txt and hosts0_with_localhost.txt uses the same prefixes but adds an additional entries for machine's self-localhost.

    The hosts_adblock.txt has the same content as _raw__hosts.txt built with an additional uBlock-filter format file-headers.

  • You may download the whole repository in a zip file (about 200MB though!): Aria2C or similar parallel-download-manager is advised!
  • Custom lists:

    Once you've fetched the repository (by either simply download it or by fork-and-clone), you may edit it and generate new build.

    It is very easy to generate a new "build",

    There are no dependencies!

    Only thing needed is any version of NodeJS on your machine.

    For example, you can get a single exe for Windows in Just choose a version and browse win-x86/ folder, downloading node.exe.

    To generate a new "build", delete the build folder, and run your NodeJS with _builder.js. You may use _builder.cmd on Windows.

I'm not being pa!d for it or anything, but if you want to protect yourself from ads and other malicious domains, I strongly advise you'll change your home (or work) router's DNS to AdGuard's DNS. It is free, and it will block ads in a similar way to the way the HOSTS file works, by returning to several (although not as much as mine) domains, instead of actual-resolving into IP. You can still use HOSTS and AdBlocking-browser-extensions, this is just another way you can help all the clients (smartphones, smart-TVs, computers,...) of your home WiFi, without the needs to root Android devices, or install anything. The DNS addresses you should change into are: and Google AdGuard-DNS for more information.

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