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== jobberRails
jobberRails is a conversion of the excellent open source php web app, JobberBase, to Rails.
== Current Version
- Job Posting
- Categories
- Search
- Feeds
- Apply Now
- Ideal Job Form
- Admin Tools
- Email Verification
- Bug fixes
v1.0 will include all the functionality that currently exists in JobberBase
v2.0 will include additional functionality not currently in JobberBase
If you're interested in JobberRails 2.0, go here to recommend features for us to implement:
== Install Instructions
1) Set up Database (database.yml)
2) Run rake gems:install db:create db:schema:load db:migrate
3) Start server
== Email Support
If you have bugs or problems, let us know on the google group
If we get enough bug tickets, I'll create a lighthouse project. Until then, email should work fine.
== Hosted Version
The latest version is currently running on a MorphExchange developer account here:
== Help
If you want to help improve JobberRails, fork the code on github and start making changes & converting features.
I'll be extremely happy to merge your changes back in and give you credit for your work in the changelog.
Please make sure to use spaces (no tabs), and an indent width of 2.
== Maintainers
Jacques Crocker
Initial project creation
Tyler Crocker
Search, RSS
Szymon Włodarski
Admin Pages and Login
Ivan Acosta-Rubio
Email Integration Support
Rate and comment on this project OpenSourceRails
== Technologies Used
Haml / Sass (html and css)
JQuery (javascript framework)
AttachmentFu (Rails Plugin)
BetterPartials (Rails Plugin)
BackgroundJob (Rails Plugin)
SeedFu (Rails Plugin)
AppConfig (Rails Plugin)
== Credits
All credit for this app goes to the fine folks over at JobberBase who put together the slick looking interface for
a vertical job board. See them at