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#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "Create an encrypted image to store your codez in"
hdiutil create -size 20g -fs HFS+J -encryption AES-128 -stdinpass ~/Documents/fiverr-dev-test.dmg
echo "Checking for SSH key, generating one if it doesn't exist ..."
[[ -f ~/.ssh/ ]] || ssh-keygen -t rsa
echo "Copying public key to clipboard. Paste it into your Unfuddle account ..."
[[ -f ~/.ssh/ ]] && cat ~/.ssh/ | pbcopy
echo "Installing Homebrew, a good OS X package manager ..."
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew update
echo "Install Git, no other way to source control"
brew install git
echo "Installing WGET, downloading files made easy"
brew install wget
echo "Installing Redis, a good key-value database ..."
brew install redis
echo "Installing MongoDB, an awesome fast database ..."
brew install mongodb
echo "Installing Memcached, a caching server"
brew install memcached
echo "Install Sphinx, a full text search engine for MySQL"
brew install sphinx --with-mysql
echo "Installing ack, a good way to search through files ..."
brew install ack
echo "Installing tmux, a good way to save project state and switch between projects ..."
brew install tmux
echo "Installing ImageMagick, good for cropping and re-sizing images ..."
brew install imagemagick
echo "Downloading Sublime Editor 2, the best editor out there for Rails"
cd ~/Downloads
mkdir FiverrSetup
cd FiverrSetup
hdiutil mount Sublime%20Text%202%20Build%202139.dmg
cp -R "/Volumes/Sublime Text 2/Sublime Text" /Applications
hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/Sublime Text 2/"
echo "Downloading iTerm2, a better terminal for mac"
cd ~/Downloads/FiverrSetup
echo "Downloading MySQL, the world's most common database"
cd ~/Downloads/FiverrSetup
hdiutil mount mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64.dmg
sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64/mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64.pkg -target "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"
sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64/MySQLStartupItem.pkg -target "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"
sudo cp /Volumes/mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64/MySQL.prefPane /Users/`whoami`/Library/PreferencePanes/
hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/mysql-5.1.58-osx10.6-x86_64/"
echo "Downloading MySQL Workbench, a GUI tool for MySQL"
cd ~/Downloads/FiverrSetup
echo "Downloading VirtuaBox, virtualization tool"
cd ~/Downloads/FiverrSetup
hdiutil mount VirtualBox-4.1.8-75467-OSX.dmg
installer_file=`ls /Volumes/VirtualBox/ -1 | grep mpkg`
sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/VirtualBox/$installer_file -target "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"
hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/VirtualBox/"
echo "Setting up bash scripts"
curl -s | sed "s/eladmeidar/`whoami`/g" > ~/.bash_profile
curl -s > ~/.git-completion.bash
source ~/.bash_profile
echo "Installing RVM (Ruby Version Manager) ... (you might want to skip the first downloading source by Cmd+C, second one is faster)"
bash -s stable < <(curl -s
echo "
# RVM safe scripts - on top you'll see the default scripts either one should work
[[ -s '/Users/`whoami`/.rvm/scripts/rvm' ]] && source '/Users/`whoami`/.rvm/scripts/rvm'" >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile
bash < <(curl -s