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Producivity FTW!

Tired of wasting your time on useless crap like facebook/twitter/other-time-consuming-no-profit-website? well productivity_ftw is just for you.


just checkout the source:

git clone git://

and fire off the productivity enhancing server:

sudo ruby productivity_ftw.rb

(you’ll probably need to install the bjeanes-ghost gem first)

note that you have to use sudo cause you are taking over port 80, not sure if it’s required on windows also.

Adding more hosts to block

To create your own blocklist, create a ~/.productivity_ftwrc file in your home directory. See productivity_ftwrc.sample for an example of the right format.

Overriding the productive page

Not everyone likes Rick Astley! That’s okay.

Step 1: Click here for a quick overview on the internal architecture.

Step 2: Create a ~/.productivity_ftw_page file in your home directory. See the default pages/productive_page.

“Thank you”s

productivity_ftw was created by Elad Meidar, with the awesome ghost gem by bjeans and the Ruby server in one gist by h0rs3r4dish