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16 <span id="fr"><a href="models.html">Models »</a></span>
17 <span id="fl"><a href="index.html">« Introduction</a></span>
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19 <h2>Database</h2>
20 <p>As of Rails 2.0.2, Rails supports SQLite as the default database,
21 and if you're using SQLite you won't need to edit the database.yml
22 file. If you're one of the brave souls using an alternative, you might
23 want to edit your <span class="term">config/database.yml</span> to look like this:</p>
25 <p><strong class="code-title">config/database.yml</strong>
26 </p><pre class="twilight"><span class="line-numbers"> 1 </span> <span class="MetaTagAll"><span class="MetaTagInline">development</span><span class="MetaTagAll">:</span></span>
27 <span class="line-numbers"> 2 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">username<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">root</span></span>
28 <span class="line-numbers"> 3 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">password<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">password</span></span>
29 <span class="line-numbers"> 4 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">database<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">forum</span></span>
30 <span class="line-numbers"> 5 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">adapter<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">mysql</span></span>
31 <span class="line-numbers"> 6 </span> <span class="MetaTagAll"><span class="MetaTagInline">socket</span><span class="MetaTagAll">:</span> </span>/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
32 <span class="line-numbers"> 7 </span>
33 <span class="line-numbers"> 8 </span> <span class="MetaTagAll"><span class="MetaTagInline">test</span><span class="MetaTagAll">:</span></span>
34 <span class="line-numbers"> 9 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">adapter<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">sqlite</span></span>
35 <span class="line-numbers"> 10 </span> <span class="String"><span class="MetaTagInline">database<span class="MetaTagInline">:</span></span> <span class="String">db/test.sqlite3</span></span>
36 </pre><p></p>
38 <p>This file is written in a format known as YAML (Yet Another Markup
39 Language) and works similarly to Ruby hashes, with the key coming first
40 and then the value after the <span class="term">:</span>. In fact if you were to use the `</p>
42 <p>with obviously 'root' and 'password' replaced with your actual
43 username and password for MySQL. Postgres users will need to specify <span class="term">postgresql</span> as their adapter, and <em>/tmp/pgsql.5432</em> as their socket. Windows users do not need to specify a socket for either.</p>
45 <p>Using SQLite means that it'll store the database along with the
46 Rails application in the db folder as a file. Nobody else should have
47 access to this file unless you specifically give them access to it, so
48 it's secure also.</p>
49 <br><br>
51 <span id="fr"><a href="models.html">Models »</a></span>
52 <span id="fl"><a href="index.html">« Introduction</a></span>
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56 </tbody></table>
57 </div>
58 </body></html>
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