Converts your favorite web apps into desktop apps with their own dedicated launcher icon.
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Applicationize converts your favorite web apps into desktop apps with their own dedicated launcher icon.

It generates a Google Chrome extension that embeds your favorite SPA web app and places a custom shortcut icon in your app launcher when you install it.


Here's a screenshot of Facebook Messenger ( running as an applicationized desktop app:

How to Use

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a URL to any web app, such as
  3. Press Enter and download the generated Chrome extension
  4. Open a new tab and navigate to chrome://extensions/
  5. Drag the downloaded .crx file from its download folder to the extensions page to install it

That's it! Your applicationized web app is now available via your app launcher. We recommend pinning it to your application dock or system taskbar!

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL/CMD + [ to go back
  • CTRL/CMD + ] to go forward
  • CTRL/CMD + + to zoom in
  • CTRL/CMD + - to zoom out
  • CTRL/CMD + 0 to reset zoom
  • CTRL/CMD + F to find in page
  • CTRL/CMD + R to refresh the page
  • CTRL/CMD + L to copy current page URL
  • CTRL + CMD + F to enter full screen mode (ALT + CTRL + F on Windows)


  • If you find a bug or wish to make some kind of change, please create an issue first
  • Make sure your code conventions are in-line with the project's code style
  • Make your commits and PRs as tiny as possible - one feature or bugfix at a time
  • Write detailed commit messages, in-line with the project's commit naming conventions

Running the Server

Run the following commands in the root directory of this project:

npm install
npm start

Then, visit http://localhost:3000/ to browse to your local instance of Applicationize.


Apache 2.0